What We Think Are The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens

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The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens 2The kitchen in most homes usually receives a lot of foot traffic, day in and day out. When you combine all those footsteps with spilled food, liquids and cleaners, not to mention hot skillets and splattering grease, you can see why selecting the right flooring for your kitchen can provide durability and longevity. The most common kitchen floors are comprised of vinyl, laminate or ceramic tile.

Vinyl is a popular choice for kitchens by housing contractors because it is low cost and easy to install. It is a popular choice by homeowners because it is water, heat resistant and cleaning vinyl floor covering is simple although occasional waxing may be necessary. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect flooring to match your decorating vision for your kitchen.

Higher-end vinyl is manufactured with the design embedded deeper into the material rather than just stamping it on the surface level. That makes the higher-end vinyl more desirable because the pattern will not wear off the top of the vinyl.

The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens 1When people hear laminate flooring, they most often envision laminate plank flooring that is engineered to look like hardwood flooring; however, laminate flooring is also available that looks like ceramic tile or stone, complete with textured surfaces and fake grout lines. Laminate is fairly water resistant and heat tolerant, but not as much as vinyl. Cleaning laminate floors is simple and requires no periodic waxing like vinyl flooring.

The biggest benefit to using ceramic tile for the kitchen is not only in the durability and the increase in home value that it provides but also the benefit of being able to match your countertops and backsplash to your flooring. Cleaning ceramic tile is easy, but removing stains from unsealed grout can be somewhat challenging.

Combining the facts about flooring along with your personal preferences and your household needs gives you the opportunity to select the perfect flooring for your kitchen.

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