Guide to Portable Gas Heaters

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This is a guest post from Aaron at Space Heater Pro.

If you need to warm you home this winter then you may just consider a portable gas heater. They could just be what you are looking for when you are faced with trying to survive yet another season of very cold winters.

If you are already using gas heaters for your home, it’s may also be sensible to buy supplemental space heaters like an indoor propane heater or vent free gas heater to help heat your home. There are many options and the whole buying process can be confusing. We try to demystify the process and if you are in the market for a portable space heater then check us out here.

However it may interest you to find out why more people now turned to these mobile gas heaters to heat up their home more effectively.


Portable Gas Heaters – The Benefits

  • Because they are built small to ensure that these gas heaters are easily moved around the house, this means you can move it to another room that needs to be heated up quickly. You can even bring it along when you decided to go for a short excursion in the cold weather.
  • Having gas heaters in the home that are portable gas heaters are very cost effective and may compliment your fireplace gas heaters. They not only do the job of heating up the room that you are occupying, they are also environmentally friendly compared to other types of home gas heaters. This is because natural gas and propane gas are much cheaper compared with electric heaters. So you will be pleased when you get your next electric and gas bill for your house.
  • Each of these portable gas heaters are vent free gas heaters and therefore it appeals to a lot of people who care much for the environment they lived in.
  • Many homes prefer to use these gas heaters to function as garage gas heaters. This is because ventless garage heaters are more efficient than other types of heaters. It is important to keep your vehicle in good running condition because in the cold winter season, you only have your own vehicle to turn to as there is no other transport available to you.
  • Mobile gas heaters come with wheels so that these portable gas heaters can be easily moved from one location to another making this one of the best home gas heaters.

Portable Gas Heaters – What Safety Precautions You Should Take

  • Since these gas heaters run on gas, always remember to ensure that you have sufficient gas so these portable gas heaters like patio gas heaters can run continuously. When you first used it, just make a mental note as to when gas refill is needed so that you know how long a tank of gas can last when in continuous use.
  • Use these gas heaters only in a room that is well ventilated and ensure that they are not placed near flammable objects. You should check with the specifications of your home heater as to the space area required for the type of heater you intend to purchase.
  • Always read up the safety precautions instructions that are usually provided together with the gas heater. Safety is most important especially if you have small children or older parents living in the same household.
  • A disadvantage of choosing and using gas heaters like indoor propane heater and other gas heating appliances is that the owner has to ensure installing a good carbon monoxide detector due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning if you neglect maintaining your gas heater or if it becomes defective over time.

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