Factors To Consider When Selecting A New Shower Head

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If you live in a home where the water pressure appears to be on the low side then your options when our comes to choosing the right side for you may appear limited. This need not be the case however so long as you try to make sure you get the right shower head.

Low Water Pressure Problems

Many articles will tell you that if you have low water pressure then you should check your plumbing, with the officious that you will have to replace certain piping needed to get water volumes up. Unfortunately this if likely to be a very expensive option and feather than being the first thing you explore it really should be considered an avenue of last resort.

High Pressure Shower Heads

Instead why but look at the range of high pressure shower heads available on the market today. These showerheads are not expensive, typically they retail at around $50, but they are designed to improve the pressure experienced in your shower.

No one enjoys a shower when the water just send to dribble down onto your head. What you really want is a lovely refreshing deluge to wake you up and allow you to clean yourself properly. The high pressure shower heads make this sort of experience easily achievable.

low water pressureSo good does a high pressure shower head work? There are two distinct options. The first option is the adjustable option which narrows the aperture through which the water flows. This can result however in the feeling of having hit needles hitting you skin. There are times when this sensation is just what you want, it can be similar to the experience of a massage it perhaps even acupuncture. But there well be other times when it is not really degree sensation you are looking for. This is where the other option for high pressure shower heads comes in. The second option uses a chamber within the shower head unit to create a vacuum. This vacuum created a pressure differential which results in the water literally being forced through the sissy nozzles at a high pressure than that would otherwise be under.

With the second option the volume of water flowing through the shower head tends to be greater and as a result the shower experience tends to be more of a gentle and refreshing nature.

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