Factors To Consider When Buying Your Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth is everywhere these days, you get Bluetooth mouses is you Bluetooth television remote controls, Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth on your cell phone. Understanding what Bluetooth does is relatively easy these days because so many devices utilise it. However the very fact of its versatility and flexibility means that devices that were never really developed to be used in certain situations, with the assistance of Bluetooth can easily be used in those situations.

This means that certain environments which are not particularly hospitable to electronic devices will often be found with such devices in use. So, given the fact that nobody actually wants to spend money on an expensive electronic device only to find that it’s stopped working after a very short period of time once to know how to evaluate whether or not that product is vulnerable to a particular environment before they actually take the plunge and buy it.

Fortunately, some effort has been made to enable consumers to understand in advance the level of protection that they might be to expect from a particular device prior to its being purchased. By understanding this system you significantly improve the chance of getting the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones for your needs.

The system that has been adopted fairly universally across electronic manufacturers across the world is known as the ingress protection rating. The ingress protection rating gives the measurement for the level of protection that can reasonably be expected in two different conditions, a dusty environment and a wet environment.

The ingress protection or IP rating, is written as IP followed by two separate digits written together. The first digit represents the level of protection that can be expected in dusty environments, the second digit represents the level of protection that can be expected in wet environments. The numbers range from zero which is no protection, to 8 which represents robust protection from almost all conditions.

high-quality-ipx7-waterproof-bluetooth-wirelessOne little wrinkle, in this is that dust and wet conditions are often mutually exclusive. As a result when it comes to the purchase of something like a waterproof Bluetooth set one really isn’t going to be that interested in the level of dust protection you can get from that device. On the other hand you’ll be extremely interested in the level of water resistance that is offered. To incorporate this the IP rating has been amended to exclude a dust rating system in these circumstances. So the waterproof IP rating actually is more accurately described as the waterproof IPX rating, the X being the dust protection number crossed out.

As a result when purchasing your waterproof Bluetooth headphones you need to make sure, but the IPX rating is sufficiently high. Obviously this particular number will depend upon the use you intend to make of the waterproof Bluetooth headphones. For instance if you intend to listen to music through your waterproof Bluetooth headset whilst sailing, there is a risk that those headphones will fall into the water and at the very least be submerged. If that is the case then you want to make sure that the IPX rating is sufficiently high that submersion in water will not do any damage. In this instance a level of six or seven would be the minimum that you would be looking for.

Hopefully this short introduction to the IPX rating system has been of use when considering which waterproof Bluetooth headphones you should purchase.

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