Ceiling Fan for All the Seasons

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Do you want to have a room with favorable air?

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars? Money money money!!

Are you fed up with the low droning sound of your air conditions compressor?

You should be thinking of getting yourself a ceiling fan!

How does it work? Why is it better?

Ceiling fan does not really decrease the temperature, but in fact, more than a cooling device, it does what air conditions cannot do. It circulates the natural air, making the room more comfortable.

In summer, it pushes the air from the top to the lower levels moving the trapped cold air to all sides. In addition, it generates natural cooling breezes in the room makes you feel cooler.

In contrary to what some people think, ceiling fan has a great efficiency in cold seasons. It is enough to reverse the direction of the operation, so it will not only breezes, but also pull the cold air from the bottom toward the ceiling pushing the hot trapped air from the top down to the edges making you feel warm and cozier.


Saving Energy & Money

Saving energy is saving money. Nowadays saving energy and money is not turning electric devices off, but using more proper devices fit your necessities.

While an air condition consumes 3,500 watts of electricity (36 cents p/h) and a window air conditioning unit consumes 1,200 watts (14 cents p/h), a ceiling fan just consumes 30-60 watts charge you 0.3 – 0.6 cent and cut down your energy bill.

Even one can operate the rooms air condition along with ceiling fan. In this case a ceiling fan helps to blend the hot and cold air in the room circulating the air faster and better, and the result is that you can turn the thermostat between 5 to 10 degrees of necessary level, saving up energy and money up to 10 percent.

In addition to what mentioned, in contrast to air conditions, ceiling fans do not need a heavy and comprehensive maintenance at all. No gas, no complex wires, no condenser to be cleaned every season, no sensitive pipes etc. So keep your money in your pocket. You can install a ceiling fan in less than an hour through a simple electrician and see to it once a year for less than half an hour and enjoy it for all the years.

Where to get you Ceiling Fan?

If you are convinced now that a ceiling fan is the right option for you then you need to know where to start looking for one. Well, there are many outlets that you can try but the danger is that you encounter so many options at different stores that you become overwhelmed quickly with the search process.

Perhaps the best place to look is a well established large chain hardware store such as Lowes. Lowes stock the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range of fans which are some of the most popular ceiling fans out there. They have a great online site which allows you to browse at leisure so that when you do visit you have only a shortlist to examine in person.

Why not check it out?

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