Everything You Need to Know About Hard Drive Shredding

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We hear all the time about identity theft and often we assume that its something that happens to other people. Unfortunately its something that can happen to any one of us and therefore understand the different techniques thieves use is a good idea. hard drive shreddingjpgYou may already use a paper shredder to destroy your bank statements and telephone bills, however what you might not thought about it shredding that old computer hard drive of yours.

If you are thinking about getting rid of an old computer its very tempting to either:

  1. Give it away. There are plenty of people who cannot afford the luxury of a brand new computer so giving your computer away to them might give a rosy feeling inside.
  2. Sell it. You might feel that having a few bucks in your pocket is a good idea and will go towards paying for your new computer.
  3. Simply chuck it away. If the computer is several years old and really antiquated you might feel theres not point in doing anything other than tossing it out.

The problem with the above scenarios is that you dont know who might be able to get their hands on your old computer. Just because you thought youd deleted everything off the hard drive doesnt mean that thats its been deleted permanently.

shredding_a_hard_driveCriminals who have the technical know-how can easily access that deleted info within hardly any time at all. And before you know it, they are using bank details, credit card numbers and passwords to steal your money and your identity.

Many of these hard drives end up in Nigeria where they can sell for $50 on the black market. Mostly the computers are sent there as e-waste so that they can be stripped down but there is a big chance that your hard-drive could end up on the black market.

So what is the solution?

Well, its pretty simple really. You need to use a hard drive shredder (aka destroyer). If you are running a large company that has the need to destroy hard drives on a regular basis then you can buy an on-site shredder. However if you are an individual you can find a company to do this for you in your local area.

Check out this youtube video of hard drive shredding on an industrial scale:

How to Select a DAC System and Software Driver

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How do you pick a digital audio conversion system and a software driver? The choice of DAC will greatly affect the sound your audio interface produces, through the conversion of signals from input to output, and analog to digital (and back). The software driver then manipulates the signals as digital data, and manages transmission of these signals to and from your audio interfaces computer.


Select a DAC System

You can test the sound of any DAC system or device by simply listening to the output itself this may not prove to be a good qualifier, however, as subjectivity will always come into play. Your sound system and audio interface must also have sophisticated, high-end speakers for you to hear the sound in its purest form, as well as have signal paths that are free from any interference. For treble, scrutinize the sound of drum cymbals in a song or recording. Do this with the outboard device and without it.

Change the outboard device if you wish to compare output quality. Ideally, with all things being equal, the DAC that sustains the cymbals definition and shimmer best should be your choice. A low-quality DAC will make the difference in quality apparent. Other factors, such as bass, sound fluidity, warmth, and other technical and non-technical characteristics will also dictate your decision.

The card with the best DAC will not always result in the highest sound quality. You may have a difficult time choosing the card that is suited to your requirements and purposes. You may even buy a card you would not otherwise want to get, due to the DAC capacity. Choose a card that has the I/O and drivers you need.

You can upgrade with additional DACs later on, and these extra devices will be better than most built-in DACs on many interfaces and soundcards in the market. After bulking up your system with equipment such as high-end pre-amps and monitors, you can consider buying converters. Prior to the installation of these added items, the difference in sound quality would be near-imperceptible. Get professional DACs for your interface or soundcard for superlative results.

Software Drivers

The software driver provides the vital programs that allow information traffic between your computer and the DAC. This data is formatted for access by the CPU if and when the audio application requires it. The computers operating system sets the regulations that the driver uses.

If the driver decodes and understands the data and rules properly, your audio interface will work as expected. Any errors on the part of the audio application or driver will make the operation falter. Any problems with how your driver works will be transmitted to the CPU, and vice-versa. The application itself may also be the root of the issue.

Choosing a software driver can be confusing. Some software may work great with some machines, and bog down others. Even changing your OS or any integral program can alter the way your audio interface runs.

The universal rule here is: research and ask around. A software driver might as well be tailor-made, as the system setups, operating systems, DACs, and many other aspects of the entire recording system need to be taken into account before even getting or upgrading a software driver.