Is Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Worth It?

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Most people have heard of carpet cleaning companies that claim to steam clean carpets. Even carpet cleaning rental equipment is often referred to as a steam cleaner. The truth is, there is no such thing as steam cleaning when it comes to carpet.

is steam cleaning carpet worth it

Many people also refer to this carpet cleaning method as hot water extraction. In fact, this has become the popular term for this process within the carpet cleaning industry. Some have speculated that this change in terminology came about because consumers have become more sophisticated and most now realize that there is no such thing as steam cleaning carpet.

So called steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning process that involves thoroughly soaking carpet with a large volume of water, then extracting some of the water with a powerful commercial vacuum system. The theory is that this deep cleans the carpet. In truth, this process simply washes the soil deep into the carpet.

Sharp Drop in Temperature

The first problem with this carpet cleaning method is in the name itself. The terms steam cleaning and hot water extraction lead consumers to believe that this method kills bacteria in the carpet. This has proven to be false because the temperatures simply arent high enough to kill anything. This fact was proven in anindependent test performed by Aziz Ullah, Ph.D., MBA.

is steam cleaning carpet worth it 2Dr. Ullah placed a piece of carpeting next to a carpet cleaning truck containing a truck mount hot water extraction unit. This was done next to the truck to shorten the hose length used in order to get the hottest water possible. This test was performed on a 90 degree summer day. The hot water coming from the truck mount was 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperature at the tip of the cleaning wand was 114 degrees Fahrenheit. This on a hot day with a short hose. You can imagine how much cooler the water would be on a cold day with a long hose.

The primary reason for the dramatic drop in temperature can be explained by pressure. When a liquid goes from a high pressure to a low pressure, it expands and loses a tremendous amount of heat on expansion. The water loses more heat as it travels through the hose and still more when it is atomized by the cleaning nozzle. I would guess that, by the time the water reaches your carpet, the temperature is lukewarm at best. Since this is the reality, the most accurate name forthis carpet cleaning method is warm water extraction.


Another problem with this method of carpet cleaning is known as wicking. When the lukewarm water is extracted, some of the dirt does come out, but much of the water and the dirt stay in the carpet pad and backing. As the carpet dries, the fibers act as a wick, pulling the dirt back up to the top. This is a very common problem with the warm water extraction carpet cleaning method.

Yet another problem is all the water that this method leaves behind. Warm water extraction methods involve gallons and gallons of water thoroughly soaking your carpet. It is impossible to extract all of the water from the carpet. Your carpet backing and pad remain wet for days.
In summary, warm water extraction methods soak your carpet with warm water, and leave the backing and pad wet for days. If I were a bacteria, I would consider this warm, moist, dark environment heaven.

Alternatives to Steam Cleaning

There are better methods for carpet cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods are strongly preferred by people who understand the myth behind warm water extraction.

With low moisture carpet cleaning, carpets are dry vacuumed first then lightly sprayed with a very good cleaning solution. Low moisture carpet cleaners use agitation and absorption to remove moisture and dirt. This method results in cleaner carpet that is dry in a very short time, usually about one hour.

No matter what people tell you, dont fall for the myth of warm water extraction cleaning, or steam cleaning, as it has been known. Common sense says that this method simply couldnt work.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A New Shower Head

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If you live in a home where the water pressure appears to be on the low side then your options when our comes to choosing the right side for you may appear limited. This need not be the case however so long as you try to make sure you get the right shower head.

Low Water Pressure Problems

Many articles will tell you that if you have low water pressure then you should check your plumbing, with the officious that you will have to replace certain piping needed to get water volumes up. Unfortunately this if likely to be a very expensive option and feather than being the first thing you explore it really should be considered an avenue of last resort.

High Pressure Shower Heads

Instead why but look at the range of high pressure shower heads available on the market today. These showerheads are not expensive, typically they retail at around $50, but they are designed to improve the pressure experienced in your shower.

No one enjoys a shower when the water just send to dribble down onto your head. What you really want is a lovely refreshing deluge to wake you up and allow you to clean yourself properly. The high pressure shower heads make this sort of experience easily achievable.

low water pressureSo good does a high pressure shower head work? There are two distinct options. The first option is the adjustable option which narrows the aperture through which the water flows. This can result however in the feeling of having hit needles hitting you skin. There are times when this sensation is just what you want, it can be similar to the experience of a massage it perhaps even acupuncture. But there well be other times when it is not really degree sensation you are looking for. This is where the other option for high pressure shower heads comes in. The second option uses a chamber within the shower head unit to create a vacuum. This vacuum created a pressure differential which results in the water literally being forced through the sissy nozzles at a high pressure than that would otherwise be under.

With the second option the volume of water flowing through the shower head tends to be greater and as a result the shower experience tends to be more of a gentle and refreshing nature.

Ceiling Fan for All the Seasons

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Do you want to have a room with favorable air?

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars? Money money money!!

Are you fed up with the low droning sound of your air conditions compressor?

You should be thinking of getting yourself a ceiling fan!

How does it work? Why is it better?

Ceiling fan does not really decrease the temperature, but in fact, more than a cooling device, it does what air conditions cannot do. It circulates the natural air, making the room more comfortable.

In summer, it pushes the air from the top to the lower levels moving the trapped cold air to all sides. In addition, it generates natural cooling breezes in the room makes you feel cooler.

In contrary to what some people think, ceiling fan has a great efficiency in cold seasons. It is enough to reverse the direction of the operation, so it will not only breezes, but also pull the cold air from the bottom toward the ceiling pushing the hot trapped air from the top down to the edges making you feel warm and cozier.


Saving Energy & Money

Saving energy is saving money. Nowadays saving energy and money is not turning electric devices off, but using more proper devices fit your necessities.

While an air condition consumes 3,500 watts of electricity (36 cents p/h) and a window air conditioning unit consumes 1,200 watts (14 cents p/h), a ceiling fan just consumes 30-60 watts charge you 0.3 – 0.6 cent and cut down your energy bill.

Even one can operate the rooms air condition along with ceiling fan. In this case a ceiling fan helps to blend the hot and cold air in the room circulating the air faster and better, and the result is that you can turn the thermostat between 5 to 10 degrees of necessary level, saving up energy and money up to 10 percent.

In addition to what mentioned, in contrast to air conditions, ceiling fans do not need a heavy and comprehensive maintenance at all. No gas, no complex wires, no condenser to be cleaned every season, no sensitive pipes etc. So keep your money in your pocket. You can install a ceiling fan in less than an hour through a simple electrician and see to it once a year for less than half an hour and enjoy it for all the years.

Where to get you Ceiling Fan?

If you are convinced now that a ceiling fan is the right option for you then you need to know where to start looking for one. Well, there are many outlets that you can try but the danger is that you encounter so many options at different stores that you become overwhelmed quickly with the search process.

Perhaps the best place to look is a well established large chain hardware store such as Lowes. Lowes stock the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range of fans which are some of the most popular ceiling fans out there. They have a great online site which allows you to browse at leisure so that when you do visit you have only a shortlist to examine in person.

Why not check it out?

What Is a Hand Sewing Machine?

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There are actually two kinds of sewing machine that can be considered to be hand sewing machines. The first type will be sewing machines that can actually be used when being held in one hand, or are small enough to be carried from place to place easily. The second kind of hand sewing machine can be considered to be the regular portable sewing machine. This is actually a full-sized sewing machine without a cabinet. Unlike the smaller hand sewing machines, these machines can be moved from place to place, but their weight means that they will have to be supported by a table in order to be used.

hand_sewing_machineThe real hand sewing machine is a device that you will most probably use for simple repairs. It is so lightweight and small that it makes an excellent travelling companion in case your clothing becomes torn or damaged while on a trip. At times, just the bustle of travel can result in a seam tearing out, usually at an inconvenient time. If you have packed a hand sewing machine along, rather than having to go out and buy a new garment, you will simply be able to make repairs. This can save you both time and money and allow you to continue your travel without interruption. This will be especially handy for the business traveller, and a man can learn to use one of these as easily as can a woman.

mini-sewing-machineThese small hand held sewing machines are usually powered by one or more batteries, so it would be a good idea to make sure that the batteries are fresh if you are going on a journey. Some of the more substantial of these small machines will use household current. A hand sewing machine can be just as convenient to use around the house as it will be on a trip. You can make a spot repair on your clothing, particularly a hem repair, without removing it. A rip in your curtains or drapes can be fixed without having to take them down first. The light weight of most of these hand sewing machines makes them even easier to use.

Also considered to be a hand sewing machine is the familiar portable sewing machine. It is impossible, obviously, to use this type of hand sewing machine to fix torn drapes while they are still hanging up, but the portability of these machines can make them easier to use than a cabinet model. Because they can be carried from place to place by hand, these machines can be lumped in with the smaller, hand-held sewing machines. This type of hand sewing machine is more suited to steady household use than is the small hand-held variety.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System Review

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Brita-On-Tap-Faucet-Water-Filter-System-300x300The Problems Associated With Hard Water

If you live in an area that suffers from hard water you will be well aware of the potential for damage to both your plumbing system and your domestic appliances that hard water can do. For this reason a number of different systems have been developed in order to either soften the water as it enters your home, or alternatively neutralize the impact that the minerals contained within the water can have. Indeed much has been written about the best water softening systems available.

However, not everyone lives in a home which suffers from the ravages of hard water. However, even if they do not suffer from hard water problems there may well be aspects of their water supply that they wish to deal with. Water sometimes contains trace chemicals or elements that are not particularly desirable to have in your water, especially if you intend to drink that water. An example of such an undesirable element might be lead for instance.

Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System

Fortunately Brita have come up with a device which is convenient to fit and very easy to use that enables you to filter the water as it comes out of the faucet. This product is called the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System and is available from Amazon.

So, if you want to have great-tasting water flowing from your tap and do not wish to invest in an expensive and complex water filtration system for your home then the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System is likely to be the best option for you. For the price of just one Brita water filter your can filter up to 100 gallons of water.

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Brita-On-Tap-Faucet-Water-Filter-System-2-221x300However, once installed you do not necessarily need to filter all the water. Water needed for washing up or for non-drinking purposes generally does not need to be filtered. Conveniently the Brita On Tap Faucet water filter system has a switch which allows you to flip between filtered and non-filtered water. This arrangement ensures that the Brita water filter system is optimally effective.

In addition, when the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System has a filter life indicator incorporated to make sure that you know when to replace the filter and renew the systems effectiveness.

This attractively designed water filter system in stylish chrome is easy to install too. You simply unscrew the aerator from your faucet, apply an adapter if necessary and attach the Brita system.

It is attractively priced too. If purchased at Amazon you can pick the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System up for around $20. At that price you will save yourself a fortune on bottled water alone.

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No-one likes the water that comes out of the tap to taste unpleasant. And with the Brita On Tap Faucet Water Filter System you will not need to rely on bottled water again to solve that problem. This neat and complementary device is easy to install and solves in one pass all the problems that you might have with your water supply.