Guide to Portable Gas Heaters

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This is a guest post from Aaron at Space Heater Pro.

If you need to warm you home this winter then you may just consider a portable gas heater. They could just be what you are looking for when you are faced with trying to survive yet another season of very cold winters.

If you are already using gas heaters for your home, it’s may also be sensible to buy supplemental space heaters like an indoor propane heater or vent free gas heater to help heat your home. There are many options and the whole buying process can be confusing. We try to demystify the process and if you are in the market for a portable space heater then check us out here.

However it may interest you to find out why more people now turned to these mobile gas heaters to heat up their home more effectively.


Portable Gas Heaters – The Benefits

  • Because they are built small to ensure that these gas heaters are easily moved around the house, this means you can move it to another room that needs to be heated up quickly. You can even bring it along when you decided to go for a short excursion in the cold weather.
  • Having gas heaters in the home that are portable gas heaters are very cost effective and may compliment your fireplace gas heaters. They not only do the job of heating up the room that you are occupying, they are also environmentally friendly compared to other types of home gas heaters. This is because natural gas and propane gas are much cheaper compared with electric heaters. So you will be pleased when you get your next electric and gas bill for your house.
  • Each of these portable gas heaters are vent free gas heaters and therefore it appeals to a lot of people who care much for the environment they lived in.
  • Many homes prefer to use these gas heaters to function as garage gas heaters. This is because ventless garage heaters are more efficient than other types of heaters. It is important to keep your vehicle in good running condition because in the cold winter season, you only have your own vehicle to turn to as there is no other transport available to you.
  • Mobile gas heaters come with wheels so that these portable gas heaters can be easily moved from one location to another making this one of the best home gas heaters.

Portable Gas Heaters – What Safety Precautions You Should Take

  • Since these gas heaters run on gas, always remember to ensure that you have sufficient gas so these portable gas heaters like patio gas heaters can run continuously. When you first used it, just make a mental note as to when gas refill is needed so that you know how long a tank of gas can last when in continuous use.
  • Use these gas heaters only in a room that is well ventilated and ensure that they are not placed near flammable objects. You should check with the specifications of your home heater as to the space area required for the type of heater you intend to purchase.
  • Always read up the safety precautions instructions that are usually provided together with the gas heater. Safety is most important especially if you have small children or older parents living in the same household.
  • A disadvantage of choosing and using gas heaters like indoor propane heater and other gas heating appliances is that the owner has to ensure installing a good carbon monoxide detector due to possible carbon monoxide poisoning if you neglect maintaining your gas heater or if it becomes defective over time.

What We Think Are The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens

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The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens 2The kitchen in most homes usually receives a lot of foot traffic, day in and day out. When you combine all those footsteps with spilled food, liquids and cleaners, not to mention hot skillets and splattering grease, you can see why selecting the right flooring for your kitchen can provide durability and longevity. The most common kitchen floors are comprised of vinyl, laminate or ceramic tile.

Vinyl is a popular choice for kitchens by housing contractors because it is low cost and easy to install. It is a popular choice by homeowners because it is water, heat resistant and cleaning vinyl floor covering is simple although occasional waxing may be necessary. Vinyl comes in a variety of colors and patterns, making it easy to find the perfect flooring to match your decorating vision for your kitchen.

Higher-end vinyl is manufactured with the design embedded deeper into the material rather than just stamping it on the surface level. That makes the higher-end vinyl more desirable because the pattern will not wear off the top of the vinyl.

The Best Flooring Choice for Kitchens 1When people hear laminate flooring, they most often envision laminate plank flooring that is engineered to look like hardwood flooring; however, laminate flooring is also available that looks like ceramic tile or stone, complete with textured surfaces and fake grout lines. Laminate is fairly water resistant and heat tolerant, but not as much as vinyl. Cleaning laminate floors is simple and requires no periodic waxing like vinyl flooring.

The biggest benefit to using ceramic tile for the kitchen is not only in the durability and the increase in home value that it provides but also the benefit of being able to match your countertops and backsplash to your flooring. Cleaning ceramic tile is easy, but removing stains from unsealed grout can be somewhat challenging.

Combining the facts about flooring along with your personal preferences and your household needs gives you the opportunity to select the perfect flooring for your kitchen.

Is Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Worth It?

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Most people have heard of carpet cleaning companies that claim to steam clean carpets. Even carpet cleaning rental equipment is often referred to as a steam cleaner. The truth is, there is no such thing as steam cleaning when it comes to carpet.

is steam cleaning carpet worth it

Many people also refer to this carpet cleaning method as hot water extraction. In fact, this has become the popular term for this process within the carpet cleaning industry. Some have speculated that this change in terminology came about because consumers have become more sophisticated and most now realize that there is no such thing as steam cleaning carpet.

So called steam cleaning or hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning process that involves thoroughly soaking carpet with a large volume of water, then extracting some of the water with a powerful commercial vacuum system. The theory is that this deep cleans the carpet. In truth, this process simply washes the soil deep into the carpet.

Sharp Drop in Temperature

The first problem with this carpet cleaning method is in the name itself. The terms steam cleaning and hot water extraction lead consumers to believe that this method kills bacteria in the carpet. This has proven to be false because the temperatures simply arent high enough to kill anything. This fact was proven in anindependent test performed by Aziz Ullah, Ph.D., MBA.

is steam cleaning carpet worth it 2Dr. Ullah placed a piece of carpeting next to a carpet cleaning truck containing a truck mount hot water extraction unit. This was done next to the truck to shorten the hose length used in order to get the hottest water possible. This test was performed on a 90 degree summer day. The hot water coming from the truck mount was 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The water temperature at the tip of the cleaning wand was 114 degrees Fahrenheit. This on a hot day with a short hose. You can imagine how much cooler the water would be on a cold day with a long hose.

The primary reason for the dramatic drop in temperature can be explained by pressure. When a liquid goes from a high pressure to a low pressure, it expands and loses a tremendous amount of heat on expansion. The water loses more heat as it travels through the hose and still more when it is atomized by the cleaning nozzle. I would guess that, by the time the water reaches your carpet, the temperature is lukewarm at best. Since this is the reality, the most accurate name forthis carpet cleaning method is warm water extraction.


Another problem with this method of carpet cleaning is known as wicking. When the lukewarm water is extracted, some of the dirt does come out, but much of the water and the dirt stay in the carpet pad and backing. As the carpet dries, the fibers act as a wick, pulling the dirt back up to the top. This is a very common problem with the warm water extraction carpet cleaning method.

Yet another problem is all the water that this method leaves behind. Warm water extraction methods involve gallons and gallons of water thoroughly soaking your carpet. It is impossible to extract all of the water from the carpet. Your carpet backing and pad remain wet for days.
In summary, warm water extraction methods soak your carpet with warm water, and leave the backing and pad wet for days. If I were a bacteria, I would consider this warm, moist, dark environment heaven.

Alternatives to Steam Cleaning

There are better methods for carpet cleaning. Low moisture carpet cleaning methods are strongly preferred by people who understand the myth behind warm water extraction.

With low moisture carpet cleaning, carpets are dry vacuumed first then lightly sprayed with a very good cleaning solution. Low moisture carpet cleaners use agitation and absorption to remove moisture and dirt. This method results in cleaner carpet that is dry in a very short time, usually about one hour.

No matter what people tell you, dont fall for the myth of warm water extraction cleaning, or steam cleaning, as it has been known. Common sense says that this method simply couldnt work.

Everything You Need to Know About Hard Drive Shredding

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We hear all the time about identity theft and often we assume that its something that happens to other people. Unfortunately its something that can happen to any one of us and therefore understand the different techniques thieves use is a good idea. hard drive shreddingjpgYou may already use a paper shredder to destroy your bank statements and telephone bills, however what you might not thought about it shredding that old computer hard drive of yours.

If you are thinking about getting rid of an old computer its very tempting to either:

  1. Give it away. There are plenty of people who cannot afford the luxury of a brand new computer so giving your computer away to them might give a rosy feeling inside.
  2. Sell it. You might feel that having a few bucks in your pocket is a good idea and will go towards paying for your new computer.
  3. Simply chuck it away. If the computer is several years old and really antiquated you might feel theres not point in doing anything other than tossing it out.

The problem with the above scenarios is that you dont know who might be able to get their hands on your old computer. Just because you thought youd deleted everything off the hard drive doesnt mean that thats its been deleted permanently.

shredding_a_hard_driveCriminals who have the technical know-how can easily access that deleted info within hardly any time at all. And before you know it, they are using bank details, credit card numbers and passwords to steal your money and your identity.

Many of these hard drives end up in Nigeria where they can sell for $50 on the black market. Mostly the computers are sent there as e-waste so that they can be stripped down but there is a big chance that your hard-drive could end up on the black market.

So what is the solution?

Well, its pretty simple really. You need to use a hard drive shredder (aka destroyer). If you are running a large company that has the need to destroy hard drives on a regular basis then you can buy an on-site shredder. However if you are an individual you can find a company to do this for you in your local area.

Check out this youtube video of hard drive shredding on an industrial scale:

How to Select a DAC System and Software Driver

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How do you pick a digital audio conversion system and a software driver? The choice of DAC will greatly affect the sound your audio interface produces, through the conversion of signals from input to output, and analog to digital (and back). The software driver then manipulates the signals as digital data, and manages transmission of these signals to and from your audio interfaces computer.


Select a DAC System

You can test the sound of any DAC system or device by simply listening to the output itself this may not prove to be a good qualifier, however, as subjectivity will always come into play. Your sound system and audio interface must also have sophisticated, high-end speakers for you to hear the sound in its purest form, as well as have signal paths that are free from any interference. For treble, scrutinize the sound of drum cymbals in a song or recording. Do this with the outboard device and without it.

Change the outboard device if you wish to compare output quality. Ideally, with all things being equal, the DAC that sustains the cymbals definition and shimmer best should be your choice. A low-quality DAC will make the difference in quality apparent. Other factors, such as bass, sound fluidity, warmth, and other technical and non-technical characteristics will also dictate your decision.

The card with the best DAC will not always result in the highest sound quality. You may have a difficult time choosing the card that is suited to your requirements and purposes. You may even buy a card you would not otherwise want to get, due to the DAC capacity. Choose a card that has the I/O and drivers you need.

You can upgrade with additional DACs later on, and these extra devices will be better than most built-in DACs on many interfaces and soundcards in the market. After bulking up your system with equipment such as high-end pre-amps and monitors, you can consider buying converters. Prior to the installation of these added items, the difference in sound quality would be near-imperceptible. Get professional DACs for your interface or soundcard for superlative results.

Software Drivers

The software driver provides the vital programs that allow information traffic between your computer and the DAC. This data is formatted for access by the CPU if and when the audio application requires it. The computers operating system sets the regulations that the driver uses.

If the driver decodes and understands the data and rules properly, your audio interface will work as expected. Any errors on the part of the audio application or driver will make the operation falter. Any problems with how your driver works will be transmitted to the CPU, and vice-versa. The application itself may also be the root of the issue.

Choosing a software driver can be confusing. Some software may work great with some machines, and bog down others. Even changing your OS or any integral program can alter the way your audio interface runs.

The universal rule here is: research and ask around. A software driver might as well be tailor-made, as the system setups, operating systems, DACs, and many other aspects of the entire recording system need to be taken into account before even getting or upgrading a software driver.

A Short History of Rice Cooking

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Rice is one of the most popular foods in all corners of the world. There are various kinds of rice grown. It is prepared with the use of different cooking methods. The pots used for rice cooking used to vary as well, but at present household from all over the world prefer to use rice cookers.

rice cooking potRice cooking is mentioned in Indian texts as early as 1500 BC. As the time passed, the different cultures found different methods for rice cooking even though the basic principles remain the same. The rice can be boiled or steamed. There are different techniques for the rinsing of the grains and for cooking. The preparation methods vary depending on the amount of water put into the pan.

In India, the homeland of rice production, rice is usually served as a side dish. The most popular type of rice in this region is basmati. The main technique used for rice cooking requires the soaking of the rice before it is boiled. In this way the grains stay close without sticking to one another.

The average Chinese person consumes one pound of rice per day. This might seem like a lot, but you have to keep in mind that it is served as a side dish to almost any kind of meal. Despite the common misconception, stir fried rice is not the most popular dish in China. People there usually have bowls of white rice which is cooked with water only. The method involves preliminary rinsing which is usually repeated 5 to 6 times.

The sushi is a traditional Japanese dish with rice, but it has gained international popularity now. Medium-grained rice is used for the preparation of this dish. The rice should be sticky so that various toppings can be served on it.

The rice side dishes are particularly popular in the Arab cuisine. It is cooked with meat, fish and vegetables. You can even have it wrapped in vine leaves. The classic Pilaf dish consists of rice cooked in broth. Its appeal is in the numerous spices it contains.

Jambalaya is a traditional Southern US dish with meat, vegetables and rice. It is influenced by popular rice dishes from Spain and France such as paella. Generally, there are all kinds of rice side dishes in Europe with the most popular ones being the Italian risotto.
early rice cooking 2For centuries, pots, made from clay and soil, were used for rice cooking. The pan shaped pots were found to provide more even and quicker cooking. There is evidence that the first kind of rice cookers, which had lids and could be placed on a heating plate, were invented as early as 13th century BC. Later on the metal pans replaced the standard earthenware ones. They provided even faster cooking as the material got heated more quickly and transferred more heat more evenly to the ingredients cooked inside the pan.

With the invention of electricity and the standard cook-top, the manufacturers of electric appliances began to look for ways in which the heating source and the rice cooking pan could be combined.

The first electric rice cooker that was commercially successful was invented in 1955 by Toshiba. It has a very basic principle of operation. The cooking pan was placed in a larger container after the ingredients had been put inside.

The rest of the container was then filled with water. As it boiled it heated the inner cooking pan. The key to the success of the Toshiba rice cooker was that it had an internal thermostat. It activated and then stopped the boiling process at the right time.

Rice cookers became increasingly popular in Asia and in the rest of the world throughout the 1960s. Around this time the warm up function was first introduced. The fuzzy logic rice cookers appeared in the 1970s.

automatic rice cookerThey allowed for the use of various methods for rice cooking. Later on, the principle of induction cooking was used to improve the preparation of rice. The appliances with such technology cook it more evenly and more quickly.

At present, the digital rice cookers allow for easy, quick and safe rice cooking. You can expect new and better appliances to come out on the market given the rapid advancement of technology.

Factors To Consider When Selecting A New Shower Head

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If you live in a home where the water pressure appears to be on the low side then your options when our comes to choosing the right side for you may appear limited. This need not be the case however so long as you try to make sure you get the right shower head.

Low Water Pressure Problems

Many articles will tell you that if you have low water pressure then you should check your plumbing, with the officious that you will have to replace certain piping needed to get water volumes up. Unfortunately this if likely to be a very expensive option and feather than being the first thing you explore it really should be considered an avenue of last resort.

High Pressure Shower Heads

Instead why but look at the range of high pressure shower heads available on the market today. These showerheads are not expensive, typically they retail at around $50, but they are designed to improve the pressure experienced in your shower.

No one enjoys a shower when the water just send to dribble down onto your head. What you really want is a lovely refreshing deluge to wake you up and allow you to clean yourself properly. The high pressure shower heads make this sort of experience easily achievable.

low water pressureSo good does a high pressure shower head work? There are two distinct options. The first option is the adjustable option which narrows the aperture through which the water flows. This can result however in the feeling of having hit needles hitting you skin. There are times when this sensation is just what you want, it can be similar to the experience of a massage it perhaps even acupuncture. But there well be other times when it is not really degree sensation you are looking for. This is where the other option for high pressure shower heads comes in. The second option uses a chamber within the shower head unit to create a vacuum. This vacuum created a pressure differential which results in the water literally being forced through the sissy nozzles at a high pressure than that would otherwise be under.

With the second option the volume of water flowing through the shower head tends to be greater and as a result the shower experience tends to be more of a gentle and refreshing nature.

Ceiling Fan for All the Seasons

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Do you want to have a room with favorable air?

Do you want to save hundreds of dollars? Money money money!!

Are you fed up with the low droning sound of your air conditions compressor?

You should be thinking of getting yourself a ceiling fan!

How does it work? Why is it better?

Ceiling fan does not really decrease the temperature, but in fact, more than a cooling device, it does what air conditions cannot do. It circulates the natural air, making the room more comfortable.

In summer, it pushes the air from the top to the lower levels moving the trapped cold air to all sides. In addition, it generates natural cooling breezes in the room makes you feel cooler.

In contrary to what some people think, ceiling fan has a great efficiency in cold seasons. It is enough to reverse the direction of the operation, so it will not only breezes, but also pull the cold air from the bottom toward the ceiling pushing the hot trapped air from the top down to the edges making you feel warm and cozier.


Saving Energy & Money

Saving energy is saving money. Nowadays saving energy and money is not turning electric devices off, but using more proper devices fit your necessities.

While an air condition consumes 3,500 watts of electricity (36 cents p/h) and a window air conditioning unit consumes 1,200 watts (14 cents p/h), a ceiling fan just consumes 30-60 watts charge you 0.3 – 0.6 cent and cut down your energy bill.

Even one can operate the rooms air condition along with ceiling fan. In this case a ceiling fan helps to blend the hot and cold air in the room circulating the air faster and better, and the result is that you can turn the thermostat between 5 to 10 degrees of necessary level, saving up energy and money up to 10 percent.

In addition to what mentioned, in contrast to air conditions, ceiling fans do not need a heavy and comprehensive maintenance at all. No gas, no complex wires, no condenser to be cleaned every season, no sensitive pipes etc. So keep your money in your pocket. You can install a ceiling fan in less than an hour through a simple electrician and see to it once a year for less than half an hour and enjoy it for all the years.

Where to get you Ceiling Fan?

If you are convinced now that a ceiling fan is the right option for you then you need to know where to start looking for one. Well, there are many outlets that you can try but the danger is that you encounter so many options at different stores that you become overwhelmed quickly with the search process.

Perhaps the best place to look is a well established large chain hardware store such as Lowes. Lowes stock the Harbor Breeze ceiling fan range of fans which are some of the most popular ceiling fans out there. They have a great online site which allows you to browse at leisure so that when you do visit you have only a shortlist to examine in person.

Why not check it out?

What Is a Hand Sewing Machine?

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There are actually two kinds of sewing machine that can be considered to be hand sewing machines. The first type will be sewing machines that can actually be used when being held in one hand, or are small enough to be carried from place to place easily. The second kind of hand sewing machine can be considered to be the regular portable sewing machine. This is actually a full-sized sewing machine without a cabinet. Unlike the smaller hand sewing machines, these machines can be moved from place to place, but their weight means that they will have to be supported by a table in order to be used.

hand_sewing_machineThe real hand sewing machine is a device that you will most probably use for simple repairs. It is so lightweight and small that it makes an excellent travelling companion in case your clothing becomes torn or damaged while on a trip. At times, just the bustle of travel can result in a seam tearing out, usually at an inconvenient time. If you have packed a hand sewing machine along, rather than having to go out and buy a new garment, you will simply be able to make repairs. This can save you both time and money and allow you to continue your travel without interruption. This will be especially handy for the business traveller, and a man can learn to use one of these as easily as can a woman.

mini-sewing-machineThese small hand held sewing machines are usually powered by one or more batteries, so it would be a good idea to make sure that the batteries are fresh if you are going on a journey. Some of the more substantial of these small machines will use household current. A hand sewing machine can be just as convenient to use around the house as it will be on a trip. You can make a spot repair on your clothing, particularly a hem repair, without removing it. A rip in your curtains or drapes can be fixed without having to take them down first. The light weight of most of these hand sewing machines makes them even easier to use.

Also considered to be a hand sewing machine is the familiar portable sewing machine. It is impossible, obviously, to use this type of hand sewing machine to fix torn drapes while they are still hanging up, but the portability of these machines can make them easier to use than a cabinet model. Because they can be carried from place to place by hand, these machines can be lumped in with the smaller, hand-held sewing machines. This type of hand sewing machine is more suited to steady household use than is the small hand-held variety.

Factors To Consider When Buying Your Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones

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Bluetooth is everywhere these days, you get Bluetooth mouses is you Bluetooth television remote controls, Bluetooth earbuds and Bluetooth on your cell phone. Understanding what Bluetooth does is relatively easy these days because so many devices utilise it. However the very fact of its versatility and flexibility means that devices that were never really developed to be used in certain situations, with the assistance of Bluetooth can easily be used in those situations.

This means that certain environments which are not particularly hospitable to electronic devices will often be found with such devices in use. So, given the fact that nobody actually wants to spend money on an expensive electronic device only to find that it’s stopped working after a very short period of time once to know how to evaluate whether or not that product is vulnerable to a particular environment before they actually take the plunge and buy it.

Fortunately, some effort has been made to enable consumers to understand in advance the level of protection that they might be to expect from a particular device prior to its being purchased. By understanding this system you significantly improve the chance of getting the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones for your needs.

The system that has been adopted fairly universally across electronic manufacturers across the world is known as the ingress protection rating. The ingress protection rating gives the measurement for the level of protection that can reasonably be expected in two different conditions, a dusty environment and a wet environment.

The ingress protection or IP rating, is written as IP followed by two separate digits written together. The first digit represents the level of protection that can be expected in dusty environments, the second digit represents the level of protection that can be expected in wet environments. The numbers range from zero which is no protection, to 8 which represents robust protection from almost all conditions.

high-quality-ipx7-waterproof-bluetooth-wirelessOne little wrinkle, in this is that dust and wet conditions are often mutually exclusive. As a result when it comes to the purchase of something like a waterproof Bluetooth set one really isn’t going to be that interested in the level of dust protection you can get from that device. On the other hand you’ll be extremely interested in the level of water resistance that is offered. To incorporate this the IP rating has been amended to exclude a dust rating system in these circumstances. So the waterproof IP rating actually is more accurately described as the waterproof IPX rating, the X being the dust protection number crossed out.

As a result when purchasing your waterproof Bluetooth headphones you need to make sure, but the IPX rating is sufficiently high. Obviously this particular number will depend upon the use you intend to make of the waterproof Bluetooth headphones. For instance if you intend to listen to music through your waterproof Bluetooth headset whilst sailing, there is a risk that those headphones will fall into the water and at the very least be submerged. If that is the case then you want to make sure that the IPX rating is sufficiently high that submersion in water will not do any damage. In this instance a level of six or seven would be the minimum that you would be looking for.

Hopefully this short introduction to the IPX rating system has been of use when considering which waterproof Bluetooth headphones you should purchase.

For more information: